15 Edgar Buzz Cut Ideas to Inspire Your Next Hairstyle

Discover fresh Edgar buzz cut styles to refresh your look with minimal effort.

Classic Edgar

classic edgar

The Classic Edgar features a sharply defined hairline with short, even hair across the top—a timeless choice that puts a neat and bold frame around the face.

Faded Sides Edgar

faded sides edgar

The faded sides Edgar combines a sharp contrast with a smoothly graduated shave that enhances the boldness of the traditional Edgar top.

Textured Top Edgar

textured top edgar

This Edgar variation incorporates varying hair lengths on top to achieve a dynamic, textured look that adds volume and movement.

Asymmetrical Edgar

asymmetrical edgar

This style features uneven lengths across the top, adding an artsy twist to the traditional cut.

Curly Top Edgar

curly top edgar

The Curly Top Edgar is perfect for showcasing voluminous curls, which add a playful, dynamic twist to the traditional close-cropped sides.

Dyed Tips Edgar

dyed tips edgar

Adding a pop of color, dyed tips on an Edgar buzz cut inject a playful twist to this bold hairstyle.

Blended Edgar

blended edgar

The Blended Edgar offers a seamless transition between hair lengths for a smooth, sophisticated look.

Sharp Line Up Edgar

sharp line up edgar

The sharp line-up Edgar features meticulously defined edges that accentuate the hairline, creating a bold, polished appearance.

Tapered Edgar

tapered edgar

The Tapered Edgar subtly narrows down around the ears and nape, offering a cleaner, more polished look.

Long Fringe Edgar

long fringe edgar

The long fringe Edgar features extended bangs that soften the face, adding a hint of rebellion to the sharp structure of a typical Edgar cut.

Disconnected Edgar

disconnected edgar

The Disconnected Edgar features a sharp contrast between very short sides and a longer, voluminous top, projecting a bold, modern vibe.

Mini Pompadour Edgar

mini pompadour edgar

This style elevates the Edgar by adding a small, slicked-back pompadour at the front for a dash of retro flair.

Buzzed Design Edgar

buzzed design edgar

The Buzzed design Edgar features creative shaved patterns adding an artistic flair to the classic cut.

Wavy Top Edgar

wavy top edgar

The Wavy Top Edgar adds a dynamic twist by incorporating natural or styled waves to the hair on top, offering a contrast to the sharply cut sides.

Double Faded Edgar

double faded edgar

The Double faded Edgar adds a dynamic twist by incorporating two distinct fade levels, enhancing the classic style’s edgy appeal.

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