15 Buzz Cut Edgar Ideas to Style Your Look

Discover an array of buzz cut Edgar styles that can add a bold twist to your look.

Faded Edgar With a Sharp Lineup

faded edgar with a sharp lineup

This style combines a gradual fade with a precise hairline for a crisp, modern look.

Edgar With a Razor Part

edgar with a razor part

The razor part adds a crisp, defined line that starkly contrasts with the short sides, giving the style a neat and precise edge.

Textured Edgar With Asymmetrical Fringe

textured edgar with asymmetrical fringe

Adding an asymmetrical fringe to a textured Edgar cut gives it an edgy, modern appeal that stands out in a crowd.

Edgar With a Geometric Design Shaved in

edgar with a geometric design shaved in

This style introduces intricately shaved patterns to elevate the classic Edgar, adding a dynamic and artistic flair.

Tapered Edgar With a Thick Beard

tapered edgar with a thick beard

This style balances the sharpness of the tapered buzz cut with the rugged fullness of a thick beard, creating a striking contrast.

Dual-tone Edgar With a Blonde Top

dual tone edgar with a blonde top

This style contrasts a natural base color with a striking blonde top, adding a dynamic, modern twist to the classic Edgar cut.

Edgar With a Curly Top

edgar with a curly top

This style pairs the classic Edgar shape with voluminous curls, adding a playful twist to the structured haircut.

Sleek Edgar With a Glossy Finish

sleek edgar with a glossy finish

For a polished appearance, this style enhances the Edgar with a sleek, glossy finish that catches the light perfectly.

Edgar With an Extended Crown

edgar with an extended crown

This style elongates the top section to give a more pronounced, towering effect that adds a bold touch to the classic Edgar cut.

V-shaped Nape Edgar

v shaped nape edgar

This style carves a V-shape into the nape, adding a striking definition to the simple buzz cut.

Disconnected Edgar With a Skin Fade

disconnected edgar with a skin fade

This style features a stark contrast between the very short sides and the longer top section, enhancing the dramatic effect of the fade.

Edgar With a Hard Part and Design

edgar with a hard part and design

This style elevates the classic Edgar by incorporating a precise, shaved line alongside creative patterns etched into the sides, merging trend with tradition.

Feathered Edgar for a Soft Look

feathered edgar for a soft look

Softening the traditional Edgar, the feathered version introduces light, textured layers to create a more relaxed and approachable appearance.

Edgar With a Zigzag Side Shave

edgar with a zigzag side shave

This style adds an edgy twist with a playful zigzag pattern shaved along the sides, giving a dynamic contrast to the classic Edgar cut.

Edgar With a Temple Fade

edgar with a temple fade

This style accentuates the facial structure by blending the hair gradually to bare skin around the temples, adding a crisp edge to the classic buzz cut.

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