15 Stylish Long Buzz Cut Fade Ideas for a Fresh Look

Discover a variety of long buzz cut fade styles sure to transform your look with edgy sophistication.

High Fade With Textured Top

high fade with textured top

A high fade with a textured top offers a striking contrast that pairs a sleek gradient on the sides with a dynamic, tousled look above.

Mid Fade With Slicked Back Buzz

mid fade with slicked back buzz

This style bridges the classic and contemporary, featuring a smooth gradient at mid-ear level paired with neatly combed-back upper strands for a polished, modern edge.

Low Skin Fade With Thick Buzz Cut

low skin fade with thick buzz cut

The low skin fade with a thick buzz cut pairs a subtle graduation in length near the ears with a fuller, dominant top for a sturdy yet refined look.

Burst Fade With Curly Top

burst fade with curly top

This style blends a burst fade’s ear-level arc with the lively bounce of natural curls, offering a playful contrast to the sleek sides.

Drop Fade With Uniform Buzz

drop fade with uniform buzz

The drop fade meets a neatly even top, creating a sleek transition that circles the head and dips behind the ears.

Taper Fade With Buzzed Pompadour

taper fade with buzzed pompadour

Merging the crispness of a taper fade with the volume of a buzzed pompadour creates an edgy yet polished look that’s an instant head-turner.

Razor Fade With Line Up Buzz

razor fade with line up buzz

The razor fade with line up buzz defines sharp edges, blending precision with bold, streamlined aesthetics for a striking and contemporary look.

Scissor Fade With Wavy Top

scissor fade with wavy top

Perfect for adding a gentle taper to unruly waves, the scissor fade brings a softer touch to the usually sharper edges of a buzz cut fade.

Induction Cut With Gradual Fade

induction cut with gradual fade

Blending military precision with modern style, this look pairs a simple induction crew cut with a subtle fade for a smooth transition from the deeply shorn sides to the slightly longer top.

Temple Fade With Spiky Buzz

temple fade with spiky buzz

The Temple Fade with Spiky Buzz offers a bold contrast by blending sharply tapered sides near the temples with a spiky, textured top for a dynamic, adventurous look.

Mohawk Buzz With Skin Fade Sides

mohawk buzz with skin fade sides

This edgy take combines the rebellious spirit of a Mohawk with the crispness of skin fade sides, striking a dynamic balance between boldness and refinement.

Faded Buzz With Hard Part Line

faded buzz with hard part line

A precision-shaved line etches a bold boundary, adding a striking contrast to the softened edges of the fade.

Faux Hawk Buzz With Disconnected Fade

faux hawk buzz with disconnected fade

A faux hawk buzz with disconnected fade adds an edgy twist, blending a sharp contrast on the sides with a central strip of length that commands attention.

High and Tight With Subtle Fade

high and tight with subtle fade

This variant blends the precision of a military cut with a discreet fade, giving a touch of class to the classic high and tight silhouette.

Crew Cut Fade With Extended Buzz

crew cut fade with extended buzz

The crew cut fade with extended buzz blends the classic structure of a crew cut with a longer top for a versatile finish that allows for both sleek and casual styling options.

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