15 Mid Fade Buzz Cut Styles to Refresh Your Look

Discover a variety of mid fade buzz cut styles to freshen up your look and make a bold statement with your hair.

Textured Top With Razor Line Detail

textured top with razor line detail

Adding a razor line brings a sharp edge to a soft, textured buzz, creating a modern twist that truly pops.

Disconnected Mid Fade With Hard Part

disconnected mid fade with hard part

This style transforms your look with a stark contrast between the shaved sides and a precisely etched parting that clearly defines the boundary between different hair lengths.

High-shine Pompadour With a Mid Fade Buzz

high shine pompadour with a mid fade buzz

Elevate your look with the nostalgia of the pompadour, slicked to perfection and paired with the modern edge of a crisp mid fade.

Asymmetrical Fringe With Soft Mid Fade

asymmetrical fringe with soft mid fade

A soft mid fade buzz cut incorporates an edgy twist with its asymmetrical fringe, establishing a harmonious contrast between sharp and subtle lines.

Mid Fade With a Full Beard Blend

mid fade with a full beard blend

Harmonizing the sharpness of a mid fade with the ruggedness of a well-groomed beard creates a striking balance that frames the face with masculine precision.

Mid Fade With a Curly Top

mid fade with a curly top

The curly top brings a playful contrast to the structured precision of the mid fade, offering a harmonious balance of texture and sleekness to the cut.

Mid Fade With V-shape Neckline Design

mid fade with v shape neckline design

Adding a V-shape neckline design to a mid fade buzz cut creates a striking visual anchor at the nape, offering a dash of personality to a classic style.

Tapered Afro With a Clean Mid Fade

tapered afro with a clean mid fade

This style fuses the volume and texture of an afro with the sleek, gradual transition of a mid fade for a modern, sharp silhouette.

Mid Fade With a Long, Swept-back Top

mid fade with a long swept back top

The long, swept-back top offers a suave contrast to the crisp mid fade, achieving a balance of elegance and edginess.

Mid Fade With a Geometric Pattern Etched in

mid fade with a geometric pattern etched in

Adding a geometric pattern brings an artistic edge to the classic mid fade, transforming the haircut into a personal statement of style.

Slicked Back Wet Look Above a Mid Fade Cut

A slicked-back style with a glossy finish complements the mid fade’s sharp contrast, offering a dapper, classic vibe with a modern twist.

Mid Fade With a Short, Neat Quiff

mid fade with a short neat quiff

An impeccably groomed quiff pairs with the crispness of the mid fade, offering a polished look that exudes sophistication without trying too hard.

Mid Fade With a Side-parted Comb-over

mid fade with a side parted comb over

A mid fade with a side-parted comb-over offers a polished balance, merging traditional suavity with modern edginess in an effortless haircut choice.

Mid Fade With Messy, Textured Spikes

mid fade with messy textured spikes

Adding an edgy twist to the classic mid fade, the textured spikes offer a playful, rebellious vibe that’s effortlessly cool.

Mid Fade With Two-tone Color Contrast

mid fade with two tone color contrast

A two-tone color contrast adds a visual pop, setting the mid fade apart with a striking delineation between the buzzed sides and the hair’s natural hue on top.

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