15 Burst Fade Perm Styles to Inspire Your Next Hair Makeover

Discover a variety of burst fade perm hairstyles to add a twist of texture and edge to your look.

Classic Burst Fade With Curly Top

classic burst fade with curly top

A Classic Burst Fade with Curly Top marries the crisp contours of a traditional fade with the dynamic texture of voluminous curls.

Mohawk Burst Fade Perm

mohawk burst fade perm

Injecting a dose of edginess, the Mohawk Burst Fade Perm juxtaposes tightly faded sides with voluminous, permed curls down the center of the head, producing a rebellious yet polished vibe.

Burst Fade With Sponge Curls

burst fade with sponge curls

Adding texture and volume to the burst fade, the sponge curls create a playful contrast with the neatly faded sides.

Asymmetrical Curly Top Burst Fade

asymmetrical curly top burst fade

Adding a modern twist to traditional styles, the asymmetrical curly top gives the burst fade a fresh flair by featuring differing lengths on each side, creating a striking and edgy contrast.

Burst Fade With Side-swept Waves

burst fade with side swept waves

Elevate your style by combining the edgy burst fade with the soft allure of side-swept waves, achieving a harmonious blend of sharp contours and graceful textures.

Afro Burst Fade With Sharp Line-Up

afro burst fade with sharp line up

Pairing the volume of an Afro with the precision of a sharp line-up, this style offers a neat yet bold statement.

Tapered Burst Fade With Coiled Top

tapered burst fade with coiled top

This style blends the intricacy of tight ringlet coils on top with the gradual sleekness of a fade along the sides for a striking contrast.

Burst Fade With Twisted Curl Hawk

burst fade with twisted curl hawk

The Twisted Curl Hawk merges the edginess of a mohawk with the intricate texture of twists atop a striking burst fade backdrop.

Textured Top Burst Fade With Hard Part

textured top burst fade with hard part

A textured top provides depth and movement, while the precision of a hard part sharpens the overall aesthetic of this contemporary fade style.

High Volume Burst Fade With Defined Curls

high volume burst fade with defined curls

Elevate your look with a high volume burst fade where pronounced curls command attention at the crown, gradually blending into a sleek fade below.

Low Burst Fade With Loose Waves

low burst fade with loose waves

This style combines a subtle fade at the ear line with relaxed, wavy hair on top, offering a softer transition and a versatile look for those favoring subtlety over stark contrast.

Burst Fade With Two-Strand Twists

burst fade with two strand twists

Combining the edginess of a burst fade with the intricate appeal of two-strand twists offers a contrasting style that turns heads with its mix of texture and sleekness.

Burst Fade With Frohawk

burst fade with frohawk

Combining volume and edge, this style elevates the frohawk with a gradient shave that amplifies the contrast and frames the curls atop your head.

Slicked Back Waves With Burst Fade

slicked back waves with burst fade

This style marries the polish of slicked-back waves with the edgy gradient of a burst fade, creating a juxtaposition of textures.

Burst Fade With Side Part and Perm Rod Curls

burst fade with side part and perm rod curls

The style combines a sleek side part with bouncy perm rod curls, offering a polished yet playful contrast to the edgy burst fade.

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