15 Burst Fade with Perm Hairstyles to Refresh Your Look

Learn how to jazz up your hairstyle with dynamic burst fade with perm ideas that combine texture and a sleek fade for a head-turning look.

Slicked Back Burst Fade With Tight Curls

slicked back burst fade with tight curls

Marrying precision with pizzazz, the slicked-back burst fade transitions seamlessly into tight curls, offering a dynamic contrast between sleek sides and playful texture atop.

Afro-Textured Perm With Burst Fade

afro textured perm with burst fade

Embracing natural texture, this style elevates the burst fade by incorporating tightly coiled curls, highlighting the contrast between the sharply tapered sides and the voluminous top.

High-Top Burst Fade With Loose Wave Perm

high top burst fade with loose wave perm

Elevating the classic high-top, this style marries the sharp contrast of a burst fade with the relaxed elegance of loose waves for a dynamic, head-turning look.

Mohawk Burst Fade With Spiral Curls

mohawk burst fade with spiral curls

Adding depth and drama, the Mohawk burst fade with spiral curls combines edgy precision with playful texture, carving out a standout style for those embracing bold hair statements.

Curly Pompadour With Burst Fade Sides

curly pompadour with burst fade sides

This style fuses the volume and drama of a curly pompadour with the sharp contrast of burst fade sides, creating a striking balance between texture and precision.

Textured Top With Burst Fade and Subtle Perm

textured top with burst fade and subtle perm

This style combines the edginess of a burst fade with a hint of texture from a gentle perm, offering a subtle twist for those looking for a low-key but stylish upgrade.

Burst Fade With Voluminous Wavy Perm

burst fade with voluminous wavy perm

Elevate your style with a voluminous wavy perm that gracefully transitions into a tapered burst fade, adding both texture and dimension to your look.

Side-Swept Burst Fade With Defined Curl Pattern

side swept burst fade with defined curl pattern

Embrace sophistication with a side-swept look, highlighting the contrast between meticulous curls and the edgy burst fade that accentuates the scalp’s contour.

Burst Fade With Tousled Perm and Hard Part

burst fade with tousled perm and hard part

Adding a hard part to a tousled perm and burst fade combination accentuates the style by introducing a clear, distinct line that contrasts with the carefree waves, giving a modern twist to a classic messy look.

Asymmetrical Curly Top With Skin Burst Fade

asymmetrical curly top with skin burst fade

Embrace a bold contrast by pairing a lopsided, curly top with a crisp, skin-level burst fade for an edgy, modern twist.

Burst Fade Mullethawk With Crimped Perm

burst fade mullethawk with crimped perm

Melding retro flair with modern edginess, this style boasts crimped waves atop a mullet base, seamlessly transitioning into a clean burst fade around the ears.

Curly Fringe With Low Burst Fade

curly fringe with low burst fade

Elevating texture and contrast, this style marries playful curls atop with a subtle gradient fade at the temples, giving an edgy twist to the classic fringe.

Burst Fade With Corkscrew Perm Hawk

burst fade with corkscrew perm hawk

The Corkscrew Perm Hawk melds tight spiral curls atop with a burst fade’s graduating transition, creating a statement of bold texture contrast.

Comb Over Burst Fade With S-Shaped Perm

comb over burst fade with s shaped perm

The style marries polished sophistication with a playful twist, featuring precision-cut sides that transition to textured waves on top, culminating in an S-shaped perm for added volume and dynamism.

Burst Fade With Structured Perm and Design Lines

burst fade with structured perm and design lines

Inject a dose of personality into your hairstyle with a burst fade that cascades into a structured perm, accentuated by edgy design lines for a bold statement.

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