15 Burst Fade Mullet Perm Ideas to Inspire Your Next Hairstyle

Discover fresh and trendy ways to rock a burst fade mullet with a perm that will turn heads and amp up your style game.

Classic Burst Fade: Neat Sides With a Sudden Burst Into Tight Perm Curls On Top and At the Back

classic burst fade neat sides with a sudden burst into tight perm curls on top and at the back

The Classic Burst Fade marries precision with flair, featuring impeccably groomed sides that transition into a voluminous crown of tight perm curls, seamlessly extending to the hair’s nape for a bold statement.

Asymmetric Mullet: Unbalanced Side Lengths With a Subtle Fade Into a Permed Party At the Back

asymmetric mullet unbalanced side lengths with a subtle fade into a permed party at the back

Embrace asymmetry; one side sports a shorter cut, gradually flowing into waves of curls that steal the show in the back.

Frosted Tips Mullet: Stark Burst Fade, Permed Mullet, Finished With Blonde Frosted Tips

frosted tips mullet stark burst fade permed mullet finished with blonde frosted tips

The contrasting blend of a pronounced fade and tight curls takes a daring turn with the icy cool finish of blonde tips, adding a modern twist to the retro silhouette of the mullet.

Curly Hawk Mullet: Burst Fade Transitions Into a Mohawk of Wild Perm Curls

curly hawk mullet burst fade transitions into a mohawk of wild perm curls

Embodying the essence of controlled chaos, the Curly Hawk Mullet marries a precise burst fade with a rebellious riot of curls that command attention down the center of the head.

Faux Hawk Fade: Sharp Fade Into a Permed Faux Hawk Mullet With Defined Curls

faux hawk fade sharp fade into a permed faux hawk mullet with defined curls

The Faux Hawk Fade merges the audacity of a hawk with a playful perm, creating textured contrast that’s both daring and refined.

Color Pop Mullet: Burst Fade Into a Two-toned Permed Mullet With a Pop of Unexpected Color

color pop mullet burst fade into a two toned permed mullet with a pop of unexpected color

The Color Pop Mullet fuses a sharp fade with vivacious two-tone curls, injecting flair and surprise into your hairstyle repertoire.

Surf’s Up Mullet: Gradual Burst Fade, Casual Perm Waves Embodying a Surfer Look

surfs up mullet gradual burst fade casual perm waves embodying a surfer look

Channel your inner surfer with a laid-back vibe; this style merges a smooth transition from shorter sides to loose, beachy curls that capture the essence of the ocean breeze.

Retro Vibe Mullet: Subdued Burst Fade Into Tight Ringlets, Reminiscent of 80s Glam Rock

This style oozes nostalgia, pairing a muted fade with springy curls that scream 80s rockstar chic.

Modern Gentleman Mullet: Burst Fade With Softly Permed Tresses Swept Back for a Polished Look

modern gentleman mullet burst fade with softly permed tresses swept back for a polished look

This style offers a refined twist on the mullet, featuring a smooth transition from a precise fade to gently curled lengths that exude sophistication.

Punk Revival Mullet: Edgy Fade Bursting Into a Rebellious, Tight-perm Mullet With Vivid Streaks

punk revival mullet edgy fade bursting into a rebellious tight perm mullet with vivid streaks

The Punk Revival Mullet marries sharp fades with audacious permed volume and bold color highlights, offering a modern nod to punk’s defiant heritage.

Slick-Back Fade: Subtle Burst Fade, With the Perm Styled Slick Back for a Sleek Finish

slick back fade subtle burst fade with the perm styled slick back for a sleek finish

The Slick-Back Fade merges the sharpness of a subtle fade with the drama of slicked-back perms, offering a dapper, contemporary twist on the classic mullet.

Undercut Mullet Perm: Deep Burst Fade Undercut With a Wild Perm Explosion Atop and At the Back

undercut mullet perm deep burst fade undercut with a wild perm explosion atop and at the back

This style merges the edginess of a deep undercut with the dynamic appeal of a permed top, creating a bold contrast that’s hard to miss.

Wavy Mullet Fade: Gentle Fade Into a Body Wave Perm for a Softer, More Natural Mullet Look

wavy mullet fade gentle fade into a body wave perm for a softer more natural mullet look

This style merges a subtle fade with the relaxed elegance of wavy curls, offering an approachable take on the mullet’s bolder statement.

Mohican-Inspired Mullet: Aggressive Burst Fade With Permed Length, Channeling a Mohican Influence

mohican inspired mullet aggressive burst fade with permed length channeling a mohican influence

This dynamic style takes your hair to new heights with a pronounced fade undercut and a voluminous permed top reminiscent of the bold Mohawk.

Artistic Flair Mullet: Disconnected Burst Fade Alongside a Creatively Styled Perm, Maybe With Patterns or Designs

artistic flair mullet disconnected burst fade alongside a creatively styled perm maybe with patterns or designs

The Artistic Flair Mullet rebels against conventional styles, pairing a sharp fade with permed locks adorned with unique patterns, catering to the bold and expressive individual.

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