15 Trendy Mullet with Burst Fade Hairstyles to Try Now

Discover a blend of retro flair and modern edginess with these mullet haircut ideas featuring the dynamic burst fade.

Classic Mullet With Disconnected Burst Fade

classic mullet with disconnected burst fade

Embracing vintage roots, this style pairs the traditional mullet’s party-in-the-back essence with a burst fade that starkly separates the top from the neatly faded sides.

Modern Euro Mullet With Subtle Burst Fade

modern euro mullet with subtle burst fade

This hairstyle fuses European flair with a toned-down burst fade, adding an air of sophistication to the rebellious mullet.

Curly Top Mullet With Skin Burst Fade

curly top mullet with skin burst fade

The curly top mullet with skin burst fade blends voluminous curls with a sleek, graduated shaving at the sides, for a striking contrast that turns heads.

Mohawk Mullet With Aggressive Burst Fade

mohawk mullet with aggressive burst fade

This style combines the audacity of a Mohawk with the edginess of an intense burst fade, making a striking statement that turns heads and defies the norm.

Slicked Back Mullet With Low Burst Fade

slicked back mullet with low burst fade

This style fuses the sleekness of slicked-back hair with the gradient nuance of a low burst fade, offering a harmonious balance between polish and edge.

Textured Mullet With Mid Burst Fade

textured mullet with mid burst fade

Adding texture on top injects a playful, modern twist to the mullet, while the mid burst fade ensures a seamless transition from volume to skin on the sides.

Wavy Mullet With Tapered Burst Fade

wavy mullet with tapered burst fade

Embracing natural texture, the wavy mullet balances volume and movement atop a tapered burst fade that elegantly contours the ear.

Pompadour Mullet With High Burst Fade

pompadour mullet with high burst fade

Embrace the boldness of a sky-high pompadour paired with the clean sweep of a high burst fade, merging vintage glam with modern edge.

Afro Mullet With Burst Fade and Design

afro mullet with burst fade and design

Embrace a striking fusion of texture and shape; the Afro mullet balances voluminous curls with a precise fade, artfully etched with personalized designs to reflect both individuality and panache.

Side Part Mullet With Clean Burst Fade

side part mullet with clean burst fade

The Side Part Mullet with Clean Burst Fade offers a polished look, blending vintage charm and modern precision with its crisp side part leading into a smooth, gradual fade.

Long Tail Mullet With Blended Burst Fade

long tail mullet with blended burst fade

This style marries the classic elongated back of a traditional mullet with a gradient burst fade that seamlessly blends into the nape, offering a fresh take on a vintage look.

Faux Hawk Mullet With Sharp Burst Fade

faux hawk mullet with sharp burst fade

Blending the audacity of a faux hawk with the edgy appeal of a mullet, this style is punctuated by a precision burst fade for a look that commands attention.

Asymmetrical Mullet With Creative Burst Fade

asymmetrical mullet with creative burst fade

Injecting a dose of artistic flair, the asymmetrical mullet pairs with a creative burst fade to break the mold of conventional hairstyles, showcasing an edgy contrast.

Messy Top Mullet With Soft Burst Fade

messy top mullet with soft burst fade

The Messy Top Mullet with Soft Burst Fade blends carefree volume on top with a gradual transition to trimmed sides, creating a harmonious yet edgy look.

Spiky Mullet With Dramatic Burst Fade

spiky mullet with dramatic burst fade

The Spiky Mullet with Dramatic Burst Fade merges edgy attitude and crisp graduation, creating a bold silhouette that’s both retro and cutting-edge.

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