15 Mid Burst Fade Mullet Hairstyles to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover innovative ideas for a mid burst fade mullet that blend the edginess of a fade with the retro flair of a mullet.

Textured Mullet With Razor Line Burst Fade

textured mullet with razor line burst fade

The textured mullet combined with a razor line burst fade offers a striking contrast, showcasing intricacy in the fade and movement in the longer strands. This style creates a bold statement with sharp contours around the ears, blending edginess and a touch of classic mullet appeal. The additional texture on top adds dimension, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a modern twist on a retro look.

Curly Top Mullet With Skin Burst Fade

curly top mullet with skin burst fade

Embrace your natural curls with this striking combination, where the volume on top showcases the curl’s texture, creating a playful contrast with the skin fade. The burst fade element brings a modern twist to the classic mullet, curving around the ear and tapering down to the skin for a clean, sharp look. This style perfectly balances edge and sophistication, allowing for a bold statement that’s both trendy and manageable.

Wavy Mullet With Disconnected Burst Fade

wavy mullet with disconnected burst fade

The wavy mullet with disconnected burst fade blends a vintage vibe with modern edge, showcasing natural waves on top that taper into a distinct separation at the sides. The burst fade circles the ear, creating a standout contrast that emphasizes the hairstyle’s dual personality. It’s a bold choice for those wanting to make a statement without sacrificing the allure of natural hair movement.

Slicked Back Mullet With Soft Burst Fade

slicked back mullet with soft burst fade

The combination of a slicked-back top and a soft burst fade brings a harmonious contrast to a mullet – the style exudes a sleek yet edgy vibe. This rendition caters to those aiming for a refined look with the added edge of a mullet, without the typical sharpness of a traditional fade. Its soft graduation at the temples creates a subtle transition that enhances the overall silhouette while maintaining a clear definition between the lengths.

Faux Hawk Mullet With Crisp Burst Fade

faux hawk mullet with crisp burst fade

Elevating the edginess, the Faux Hawk Mullet pairs the rebellious spirit of a mohawk with the retro flair of a mullet. A crisp burst fade delineates the contrast, accentuating the hawk-like peak that stands rebellious atop the head. This hybrid style commands attention, showcasing a bold statement that’s both modern and steeped in ’80s nostalgia.

Mohawk Mullet With Blended Burst Fade

mohawk mullet with blended burst fade

Combining the rebellious spirit of a Mohawk with the versatility of a mullet creates a standout silhouette that captures attention from all angles. The blended burst fade adds a modern sophistication that juxtaposes the edginess of the Mohawk, providing a seamless transition into the traditionally longer back. This style suits those looking to make a strong statement while enjoying the blend of two distinct cuts that cater to both boldness and elegance.

Pompadour Mullet With Sharp Burst Fade

pompadour mullet with sharp burst fade

The pompadour mullet with a sharp burst fade combines vintage charm and modern edge, offering a standout aesthetic. A voluminous front and elongated back blend smoothly into a crisply tapered side profile, ensuring a dynamic silhouette. This style caters to those seeking a bold statement that pays homage to classic styles while embracing contemporary trends.

Afro Mullet With Tapered Burst Fade

afro mullet with tapered burst fade

The Afro Mullet with Tapered Burst Fade is a harmonious blend of texture and precision, boasting natural curls on top that smoothly transition into a tapered fade around the ears. This style emphasizes the volume and shape of an Afro while integrating the edginess of a mullet’s shorter sides and elongated back. The burst fade element adds a modern twist, creating a dynamic silhouette that stands out in a crowd.

Side Part Mullet With Subtle Burst Fade

side part mullet with subtle burst fade

The Side Part Mullet with Subtle Burst Fade combines classic elegance with a modern twist. A precise side part adds a structured look, while the gentle burst fade offers a contemporary edge without overwhelming the hairstyle. This variant strikes a balance between bold expression and refined style, making it suitable for diverse settings.

Fringe Mullet With High Burst Fade

fringe mullet with high burst fade

This style embraces the boldness of a high burst fade, which ascends around the ear and dissipates into the longer strands above, accentuating the fringe’s fullness. It provides a dynamic contrast, where the crispness of the fade highlights the textured or choppy bangs. It’s a modern twist on traditional mullets, ideal for those seeking a standout, edgy look with a strong visual impact.

Long Mullet With Low Burst Fade

long mullet with low burst fade

By balancing length with subtlety, the long mullet with low burst fade becomes a versatile choice for those looking to retain a traditional look while adding a modern edge. The low burst fade offers a gradual transition from hair to skin, maintaining a clean sideline that accentuates the jawline without overshadowing the flow of the longer hair at the back. This hybrid is perfect for individuals seeking a hairstyle that walks the line between bold expression and understated style.

Asymmetrical Mullet With Clean Burst Fade

asymmetrical mullet with clean burst fade

An asymmetrical mullet revolutionizes the classic silhouette, adding a modern twist with uneven layers that challenge traditional symmetry. The clean burst fade draws the eye to the contrasting lengths, offering a seamless transition from short to long without disrupting the aesthetic balance. This daring style caters to those who seek to make a bold statement while embracing the edge of contemporary hair trends.

Feathered Mullet With Gradient Burst Fade

feathered mullet with gradient burst fade

Embrace the retro with a modern twist by combining a feathered mullet with a gradient burst fade. This style offers a seamless transition from the textured layers on top to the subtle fade around the ears. It’s a versatile look that harmonizes the free-spirited vibe of the feathered mullet with the precision of a contemporary fade.

Spiky Mullet With Extreme Burst Fade

spiky mullet with extreme burst fade

Injecting an audacious twist into the mullet, this style features spikes that defy gravity and showcase a daring personality. The extreme burst fade cuts a striking contrast, drawing the eye to the precision with which it recedes from the temple, amplifying the edginess of the look. It embodies a rebellious spirit, ideal for someone looking to make a bold statement with their hair.

Vintage Mullet With Classic Burst Fade

vintage mullet with classic burst fade

A Vintage Mullet with Classic Burst Fade marries retro flair with modern edge, creating a unique juxtaposition. The timeless elegance of the mullet’s longer back is given an updated twist with a gradual fade at the temples. This style pays homage to the past while remaining firmly planted in contemporary fashion trends.

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