15 High Burst Fade Mullet Hairstyles to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover the edgy combination of retro and modern flair with the high burst fade mullet, and get inspired to rock this bold hairstyle with confidence.

Classic Mullet With a Seamless Burst Fade

classic mullet with a seamless burst fade

Embracing the essence of retro flair, this hairstyle elevates the traditional mullet by incorporating a high burst fade that seamlessly blends into short sideburns. The contrast between the expertly faded sides and the fuller hair at the nape captures a look that’s both sophisticated and edgy. It walks the line between bold and understated, making it an excellent choice for those aiming to make a statement without overpowering their features.

Skin Burst Fade Mullet With Textured Top

skin burst fade mullet with textured top

The skin burst fade mullet marries daring with definition by blending smoothly into the skin near the ear line while keeping the top luxuriously textured. This style offers a stark contrast that highlights the wearer’s features and adds a modern twist to the traditional mullet silhouette. Perfect for those seeking an edgy yet sophisticated look, the textured top provides versatility for various styling options.

Curly Top Mullet With Razor Sharp Burst Fade

curly top mullet with razor sharp burst fade

Embracing natural texture, the curly top mullet boasts bouncy curls that cascade seamlessly into the precision of the razor-sharp burst fade. This edgy contrast highlights the playfulness of curls while maintaining a clean, tapered look around the ears. The style offers a bold statement that intricately blends the untamed spirit of curls with a polished, modern fade.

Slicked Back Mullet With High Burst Fade Sides

slicked back mullet with high burst fade sides

Embrace the edgy duality of slicked-back elegance and faded fierceness by opting for this style. The sharp contrast between the sleek, groomed top and the progressively shorter sides exemplifies a modern twist on the retro mullet. This hairstyle suits those aiming for a look that captures both a professional front and a bold, adventurous back.

Modern Mullet With a Disconnected Burst Fade

modern mullet with a disconnected burst fade

This rendition elevates the mullet through an intentional contrast between the top and the faded areas, bringing an edgy twist to the throwback style. The disconnection highlights a bolder, more dramatic transition that encapsulates the fearless spirit of modern hair trends. Ideal for those looking to make a robust statement, it showcases a perfect blend of classic nostalgia and contemporary cool.

Short Fringe Mullet With High Fade Transition

short fringe mullet with high fade transition

A short fringe offers a contemporary twist, adding structure to the face and putting a fresh spin on the traditional mullet shape. The high fade transition ensures a clean and sharp contrast, drawing the eye to the artful blend between the fringe and the longer back. This style balances edginess and sophistication, catering to those who favor a more polished aesthetic with an adventurous edge.

High Burst Fade With a Long Tailed Mullet

high burst fade with a long tailed mullet

This cut offers a dramatic contrast with its tightly faded sides ascending high towards the crown, giving way to the lengthy, flowing mullet at the back. It embodies a statement look that defies convention, blending edgy modernity with a nod to retro style. The long tail emphasizes the hairstyle’s rebellious spirit, making it an ideal choice for individuals wanting to stand out.

Wavy Mullet With a Clean Burst Fade Blend

wavy mullet with a clean burst fade blend

A wavy mullet combined with a clean burst fade creates a harmonious balance between texture and precision. The waves add a relaxed, carefree vibe to the edgy and structured appearance of the fade. This style is perfect for those looking to embrace the mullet trend while maintaining a polished, modern edge.

High Volume Top With Tight Burst Fade Mullet

high volume top with tight burst fade mullet

Embracing both edge and flow, this style features an amped-up top with significant volume, creating a bold statement above the ears. The tight burst fade frames the face by gradually diminishing to the skin around the ear line, accentuating the fullness on top. This variation on the traditional mullet offers a contemporary twist that is both audacious and stylish, suitable for those who dare to stand out.

Faded Sides With a Spiky Top Mullet

faded sides with a spiky top mullet

The juxtaposition of neat, tapered sides against a rebellious, spiky crown epitomizes the modern twist on the classic mullet. This style accentuates the contrast between the precise fade and the untamed texture on top. It’s a bold statement that marries edgy attitude with clean sophistication, perfect for those who dare to stand out.

Business in the Front, Party in the Back: Sharp Burst Fade Edition

business in the front party in the back sharp burst fade edition

This style revolutionizes the iconic mullet by integrating a sharp burst fade that adds a contemporary edge. The front maintains a professional appearance with neatly trimmed locks, while the back bursts into an exuberant display of length and volume, embodying the classic mullet philosophy. The contrast created by the precise fade emphasizes the transition from the tame to the bold, showcasing a dynamic and adventurous personality.

Bold Burst Fade With a Freeform Mullet

bold burst fade with a freeform mullet

The Bold Burst Fade with a Freeform Mullet combines audacious edginess with an unstructured, artistic flair. Dramatic fading emphasizes the contrast between the neatly tapered sides and the liberated, flowy hair at the back. It’s a statement style that defies convention and caters to those who embrace individuality.

High Burst Fade With a Mohawk Mullet

high burst fade with a mohawk mullet

Embracing the edginess of the mohawk, this variant adds a daring twist to the classic mullet. The burst fade provides a stark contrast that highlights the elongated shape toward the crown, tapering down to the nape. This style carves out a niche for those looking to blend retro vibes with contemporary urban flair.

Textured Crop Mullet With a High Burst

textured crop mullet with a high burst

The textured crop mullet combines choppy layers on top for a contemporary edge with the traditional party at the back. A high burst fade seamlessly tapers into the skin around the ears, accentuating the volume and texture above. This style offers a daring yet polished look, perfect for those seeking a modern twist on the classic mullet silhouette.

High Burst Fade Mullet With Razor Line Detail

high burst fade mullet with razor line detail

Adding razor line detail to the high burst fade mullet creates a striking contrast that emphasizes the precision of the cut. This bold statement piece marries the edginess of sharp lines with the retro essence of a mullet. It’s a daring twist on the classic silhouette that demands attention and showcases a meticulous approach to hairstyling.

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