15 Burst Fade Mullet Styles: Your How-To Guide for a Trendy Cut

Learn how to achieve the trendy burst fade mullet with step-by-step guidance on blending and styling this modern twist on a classic look.

Definition of Burst Fade Mullet

definition of burst fade mullet

A burst fade mullet blends the classic mullet silhouette—short at the front and sides, long at the back—with a curved fade that wraps around the ear like a burst from a star.

This modern twist on a vintage style marries the edginess of a fade with the laid-back attitude of a mullet.

The result is a bold, yet nonchalant look that stands out both for its retro roots and contemporary adaptation.

History and Evolution of the Hairstyle

history and evolution of the hairstyle

The burst fade mullet blends two iconic styles: the mullet’s business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back ethos with the seamless gradient of a burst fade. Rising to popularity in the 1980s, the mullet has seen various transformations, with the burst fade edging its way in more recently to give it a modern twist.

This fusion hairstyle symbolizes a blend of retro and contemporary, reflecting an evolution that aligns with the resurgence of vintage trends in today’s fashion.

How to Cut a Burst Fade Mullet

how to cut a burst fade mullet

Begin with trimming the top to the desired length for the mullet portion, keeping it longer towards the back. Create a burst fade around the ears by gradually tapering the hair length from longer at the top to shorter at the sides with clippers.

Carefully blend the hair between the longer mullet top and the shorter sides to achieve a seamless transition that accentuates the burst effect.

Styling Tips for a Burst Fade Mullet

styling tips for a burst fade mullet

For an edgy twist, spike the longer top with a strong-hold gel, emphasizing the mullet’s texture.

To maintain the sleekness of the sides, use a pomade that offers shine and control.

To enhance the mullet’s volume and movement, blow-dry the hair using a round brush, focusing on lifting at the roots.

Best Hair Products for Maintaining the Look

best hair products for maintaining the look

To keep a burst fade mullet in top form, opt for a matte pomade that delivers hold without the weight.

A texturizing spray can enhance the mullet’s layers, giving the hair movement and a more dynamic appearance.

For daily maintenance, use a sulfate-free shampoo to cleanse while preserving the hair’s natural oils and the vibrancy of any color treatments.

Celebrities Who Have Rocked the Burst Fade Mullet

celebrities who have rocked the burst fade mullet

Sporting the burst fade mullet, celebrities like Rihanna</strong> and Miley Cyrus have showcased the versatility and edge of this hairstyle.

Influential figures from Bruno Mars to David Beckham have also embraced this modern twist on a retro look, propelling its popularity.

These stars demonstrate how the style can be adapted to various hair types and personalities, cementing its status as a dynamic and fashionable choice.

The Popularity of the Style in Different Cultures

the popularity of the style in different cultures

The burst fade mullet transcends cultural boundaries, appealing to a diverse demographic from K-pop stars to Western influencers, showcasing its global versatility.

In some regions, it’s a nostalgic nod to the ’80s, while in others, it’s adopted as a modern symbol of edginess and rebellion.

Its adaptability allows it to be infused with local cultural elements, making it a unique statement piece that resonates with various international communities.

Variations of the Burst Fade Mullet

variations of the burst fade mullet

Variations of this hairstyle provide a spectrum of visual depth, from subtle, soft fades to more pronounced, edgy gradients. Tailored to individual taste, the length of the mullet portion can range from a modest overhang to a daring, elongated tail.

With the option to adjust the arc and placement of the burst, each version grants a bespoke feel, ensuring no two burst fades are completely alike.

Maintenance and Care Routine for This Hairstyle

maintenance and care routine for this hairstyle

Regular trims every few weeks will keep the distinctive shape of the burst fade mullet in check.

Washing with a quality shampoo and using a light conditioner will maintain hair health without weighing down the style.

For daily upkeep, a texturizing product can help maintain volume in the mullet’s longer section while defining the fade.

Matching the Burst Fade Mullet With Different Face Shapes

matching the burst fade mullet with different face shapes

Oval face shapes can easily adapt to the burst fade mullet, as the cut can be tailored to enhance the face’s natural symmetry.

For rounder faces, a higher fade and added volume on top can elongate the appearance, providing a balanced look.

Those with square or angular features should focus on softer fades to reduce harsh lines, letting the mullet’s texture provide a subtle contrast.

The Impact of Hair Texture On the Burst Fade Mullet

the impact of hair texture on the burst fade mullet

Hair texture significantly influences the final appearance of a burst fade mullet, with coarser textures providing more volume and distinctiveness to the style.

Straight hair may require additional styling products for added texture and to maintain the mullet’s shape throughout the day.

Curly or wavy textures add a natural flair to the burst fade, enhancing the transition between the short and longer sections.

Transitioning From Another Hairstyle to a Burst Fade Mullet

transitioning from another hairstyle to a burst fade mullet

When shifting to a burst fade mullet from a different style, gradual progression is key – have your hairdresser trim the sides and back over several appointments.

Maintain length at the top and crown to preserve the mullet’s essence while adjusting the fade’s intensity.

Consult with your stylist about the transition timeline to blend and shape the haircut progressively, ensuring a seamless changeover.

How to Communicate the Style to a Barber

how to communicate the style to a barber

Bring a picture of the burst fade mullet to show the precise style you desire.

Clearly articulate the length and fade degree you want around the ears and back.

Specify personal preferences, like the length of the tail or additional designs, to ensure the barber understands your individual style goals.

Potential Challenges and Solutions With the Burst Fade Mullet

potential challenges and solutions with the burst fade mullet

Achieving a seamless gradient in the burst fade can be tricky; regular touch-ups with a skilled barber ensure the fade remains sharp and well-defined.

To manage risk of the mullet appearing disproportionate, attention to the hair’s texture and length on top versus the back is essential.

For those with curly or coarse hair, using the right styling products will tame frizz and maintain the sleekness required for a polished burst fade mullet.

Incorporating Color or Highlights Into the Burst Fade Mullet

incorporating color or highlights into the burst fade mullet

Adding color or highlights to the burst fade mullet can accentuate the edgy lines and enhance the style’s dimension.

Strategic placement of lighter tones can draw attention to the intricate fade, creating a stark, captivating contrast.

For those seeking a personalized touch, vibrant hues can be incorporated to reflect individuality without compromising the haircut’s bold essence.

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