15 Creative Burst Mullet Hairstyles to Try This Season

Discover creative burst mullet hairstyles that blend modern edge with retro flair.

Classic Burst Mullet With Fade

classic burst mullet with fade

Combining timeless elegance with modern flair, the Fade breathes life into the classic mullet, shaving the sides for a sharp, edgy look.

Textured Burst Mullet With Hard Part

textured burst mullet with hard part

Adding a hard part to a textured burst mullet injects a dash of edginess, carving out a razor-sharp line that contrasts the tousled layers.

Curly Top Burst Mullet

curly top burst mullet

Embrace your natural spirals with a Curly Top Burst Mullet, where voluminous curls take center stage, tapering into a striking contrast with shorter sides.

Frohawk Burst Mullet

frohawk burst mullet

The Frohawk Burst Mullet blends the daring edge of a mohawk with the casual flow of a mullet, perfect for those who stand out without saying a word.

Long Tail Burst Mullet

long tail burst mullet

For those craving drama and a touch of classic rock flair, the Long Tail Burst Mullet serves up flowing locks cascading down the back, adding a striking edge to the traditional silhouette.

Asymmetrical Burst Mullet

asymmetrical burst mullet

An asymmetrical burst mullet plays with uneven lengths for a striking, edgy twist on the traditional style.

Burst Mullet With Design

burst mullet with design

Incorporating graphic shapes or intricate patterns alongside the typical burst mullet can really make your hairstyle pop with a personal touch.

Bleached Tips Burst Mullet

bleached tips burst mullet

Adding a dash of rebellion, the bleached tips inject a modern twist into the traditional burst mullet, creating a statement that’s both edgy and playful.

Burst Mullet With Undercut

burst mullet with undercut

This style marries the edginess of an undercut with the rebellious spirit of the mullet, creating a striking contrast that turns heads.

Wavy Burst Mullet

wavy burst mullet

Embrace your natural waves by blending them into a burst mullet for a playful, sea-tossed look that defies conventional straight edges.

Mohawk Burst Mullet

mohawk burst mullet

Infusing the audacity of a Mohawk with the flair of a mullet, this style is a bold statement that combines a strip of longer hair atop a faded burst, perfect for those who dare to stand out.

Burst Mullet With Extended Neckline

burst mullet with extended neckline

Embrace an edgier twist to the mullet by extending the cut down the neckline, giving the traditional look a more modern and sharper silhouette.

Burst Mullet With Pompadour

burst mullet with pompadour

Adding a pomp to the burst mullet infuses a touch of vintage swagger, marrying the rebellious essence of the mullet with the suave poise of 1950s rockabilly.

Dyed Burst Mullet

Inject a pop of personality into your look with vibrant hues highlighting the burst mullet’s edgy contours.

Tapered Burst Mullet

tapered burst mullet

A tapered burst mullet marries gradual side fades with a flowing crown, striking a balance between edgy and suaveā€”a nod to retro chic with a modern twist.

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