15 Rat Tail Fade Haircut Styles to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover how the edgy rat tail fade haircut can add a bold twist to your look with these creative styling ideas.

Classic Rat Tail With Skin Fade

classic rat tail with skin fade

The seamless blend from bare skin up to a distinctive tail exudes a sleek juxtaposition of modern edge and retro flair.

Braided Rat Tail With Taper Fade

braided rat tail with taper fade

A braided rat tail offers a suave twist to the classic style, with the taper fade providing a clean and modern perimeter.

Curly Rat Tail With High Fade

curly rat tail with high fade

Embrace your natural texture by pairing a high fade with a spiraled rat tail for a bold contrast that spotlights those curls.

Asymmetrical Rat Tail With Drop Fade

asymmetrical rat tail with drop fade

Embrace an offbeat vibe by opting for a rat tail that breaks away from the traditional center placement, paired with a drop fade that accentuates its edgy asymmetry.

Sleek Rat Tail With Bald Fade

sleek rat tail with bald fade

This style combines a polished, straight tail at the nape with a skin-tight fade around the sides for a stark contrast and a clean, modern look.

Layered Rat Tail With Low Fade

layered rat tail with low fade

Adding layers to a rat tail delivers depth and dimension, perfectly complemented by a subtle low fade that transitions smoothly from the sides down to the nape.

Long Rat Tail With Scissor Fade

long rat tail with scissor fade

The extended length of this rat tail offers a dramatic contrast to the subtly blended scissor fade, achieving a striking balance between edgy and sophisticated.

Disconnected Rat Tail With Temple Fade

disconnected rat tail with temple fade

This style plays with contrast, featuring a stark difference between the shaved sides around the temples and the untouched length of the rat tail.

Side-Swept Rat Tail With Mid Fade

side swept rat tail with mid fade

Adding a contemporary twist, this style drapes the rat tail over the shoulder, softening the edginess of a standard mid fade.

Thin Rat Tail With Burst Fade

thin rat tail with burst fade

The Thin Rat Tail with Burst Fade offers a subtle yet notable variation, blending the narrow tail seamlessly into a radiating fade around the ear.

Two-Tone Rat Tail With Fade Blend

two tone rat tail with fade blend

Adding a dynamic twist, the Two-Tone Rat Tail contrasts colors with a seamless fade for an eye-catching finish.

Zigzag Braided Rat Tail With Fade

zigzag braided rat tail with fade

The Zigzag Braid adds a playful twist turning the classic rat tail into a statement piece amidst a sharp fade.

Textured Rat Tail With Razor Fade

textured rat tail with razor fade

Adding texture to your rat tail injects a dose of modern edginess, while a razor fade creates a sharp contrast that highlights the playful twist of this style.

Rat Tail Undercut With Faded Sides

rat tail undercut with faded sides

The Rat Tail Undercut combines the striking boldness of a shaved back and sides with a conspicuous tail, offering a rebellious twist to the conventional fade.

Beaded Rat Tail With Gradual Fade

beaded rat tail with gradual fade

Accentuating the individuality of the style, beads add a decorative flair to the extended rat tail, while the fade transitions smoothly from a more voluminous top.

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