15 Burst Fade with Rat Tail Hairstyle Ideas for a Unique Look

Discover how to combine a burst fade with a rat tail for a bold and dynamic hairstyle choice.

Classic Burst Fade With a Sleek, Straightened Rat Tail

classic burst fade with a sleek straightened rat tail

The timeless burst fade pairs with a polished rat tail, giving off a vibe that meshes retro and modern appeal.

Burst Fade With a Braided Rat Tail

burst fade with a braided rat tail

Adding a braided element to your rat tail can infuse a touch of intricate detail to the burst fade, revealing a harmonious blend of edgy and cultivated style.

Curly Top Burst Fade With a Natural Curly Rat Tail

curly top burst fade with a natural curly rat tail

Embrace your curls on top while showcasing them in the rat tail for a harmonious blend of volume and texture.

Wavy Hair Burst Fade With a Rat Tail and Bead Embellishments

wavy hair burst fade with a rat tail and bead embellishments

Accentuate a wavy hair burst fade by weaving beads into the rat tail, adding a playful twist that dances with each movement.

Burst Fade With a Rat Tail Featuring Gradient Color Dye

burst fade with a rat tail featuring gradient color dye

Inject a pop of color into your hairstyle by blending your rat tail into a vibrant gradient that fades from the natural hair color at the crown to a bold hue at the tip.

Disconnected Burst Fade With a Long, Thick Rat Tail

disconnected burst fade with a long thick rat tail

This style creates a bold contrast by pairing a sharp, distinct fade at the sides with an unabridged, voluminous rat tail cascading from the crown.

High-top Burst Fade With a Rat Tail Ending in a Small Bun

high top burst fade with a rat tail ending in a small bun

Elevate the typical rat tail by coupling it with a sky-high burst fade, culminating in a tidy, miniature bun for a trendy twist on retro flair.

Sculptural Burst Fade With a Twisted or Spiraled Rat Tail

sculptural burst fade with a twisted or spiraled rat tail

Adding an artistic twist to the classic look, the sculptural Burst Fade becomes a canvas for creativity with its rat tail coiled into an eye-catching spiral.

Burst Fade With a Rat Tail Underlined By a Razor Line

burst fade with a rat tail underlined by a razor line

The razor line accentuates the demarcation, adding a crisp, edgy finish to the already daring combo of the burst fade and rat tail.

Afro Burst Fade With a Rat Tail Adorned With Rings or Wraps

afro burst fade with a rat tail adorned with rings or wraps

Incorporating accessories such as rings or wraps into the rat tail amplifies the Afro Burst Fade, turning your hair into a statement piece.

Burst Fade Mohawk Blending Into a Thin, Fine Rat Tail

burst fade mohawk blending into a thin fine rat tail

Merging the edginess of a Mohawk with a sleek rat tail, this style puts a modern twist on classic punk vibes.

Burst Fade With a Rat Tail Outlined By a Unique Hair Tattoo

burst fade with a rat tail outlined by a unique hair tattoo

Adding an artistic flair, the stylized hair tattoo transforms the rat tail into a statement piece, complementing the burst fade’s dynamic silhouette.

Textured Burst Fade With a Crimped Rat Tail

textured burst fade with a crimped rat tail

Add an edgy twist to your look with a textured burst fade complemented by a crimped rat tail for a bold declaration of personal style.

Pompadour Burst Fade With a Side-swept Rat Tail

pompadour burst fade with a side swept rat tail

Incorporating the volume and prominence of a pompadour, this style adds a dash of flair by directing the rat tail to the side, softening the edge while maintaining a daring silhouette.

Burst Fade With a Two-tone Rat Tail Featuring Bold Contrasting Colors

burst fade with a two tone rat tail featuring bold contrasting colors

Elevate your style with a two-tone rat tail that stands out with its stark color contrast, adding a punch of personality to your burst fade.

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