15 Trendy Korean Fade Haircut Styles & Ideas

Discover fresh and stylish Korean fade haircut ideas that can revamp your look with a modern edge.

K-Pop Star: High Taper Fade With a Textured Top and Long Side-swept Bangs

k pop star high taper fade with a textured top and long side swept bangs

The K-Pop Star pairs a clean high taper with abundant texture up top, finished by sweeping bangs to frame the face dynamically.

Seoul Slick Back: Mid Fade With a Slicked-back Pompadour

seoul slick back mid fade with a slicked back pompadour

This style pairs the sharp contrast of a mid-level fade with the classic elegance of a voluminous pompadour, perfect for adding a modern twist to a traditional look.

Korean Wave: Low Fade With Wavy Quiff and Subtle Highlights

korean wave low fade with wavy quiff and subtle highlights

Embrace a touch of drama with gentle waves adorning the crown, paired with the understated class of a low fade, highlighted by subtle streaks of color that catch the light and eyes alike.

Kimchi Fade: Bald Fade With a Messy, Spiky Top

kimchi fade bald fade with a messy spiky top

The Kimchi Fade juxtaposes the sleek precision of a bald fade at the sides with a dynamic, edgy crown of spiky hair, delivering a bold statement that’s packed with attitude.

Hanbok Side Part: Side-parted Comb Over With a Temple Fade

hanbok side part side parted comb over with a temple fade

The Hanbok Side Part exudes a traditional elegance by blending a sophisticated comb over with a sleek temple fade, creating a look that’s both classic and contemporary.

Gangnam Undercut: High Fade With a Long, Disconnected Undercut

gangnam undercut high fade with a long disconnected undercut

Embrace Seoul’s chic with the Gangnam Undercut, a show-stopping fusion of sharp contrasts – think voluminous length up top cascading alongside a slick, sheer fade.

K-Drama Fringe: Soft Taper Fade With a Heavy, Blunt Fringe

k drama fringe soft taper fade with a heavy blunt fringe

Channeling dramatic flair, the K-Drama Fringe embodies a youthful edge, pairing a subtle fade with a statement-making thick bang that rests just above the eyes.

Jeju Crop: Textured Crop Top With a Bald Skin Fade

jeju crop textured crop top with a bald skin fade

Embracing the rugged beauty of Jeju Island, this style juxtaposes a sharp, clean fade at the sides with a textured, choppy top for a look that’s equally refined and rebellious.

K-Tech Buzz: Buzz Cut With a Precise Skin Fade and Geometric Line Design

k tech buzz buzz cut with a precise skin fade and geometric line design

The K-Tech Buzz is a harmonious blend of precision and edginess, sporting sharply defined geometric patterns that give a modern twist to the classic buzz cut.

Taekwondo Taper: Low Taper Fade With a Thick Brush Up

taekwondo taper low taper fade with a thick brush up

The Taekwondo Taper serves as a bold statement, blending martial arts-inspired precision with a voluminous brush up for a striking, sporty look.

Han River Flow: Medium Fade With Flowy, Layered Locks

han river flow medium fade with flowy layered locks

Emulating the serene flow of the river it’s named after, this style pairs a medium fade with longer, layered hair that moves effortlessly.

K-Street Casual: High Fade With a Casual Tousled Top

k street casual high fade with a casual tousled top

Capture the essense of Seoul’s urban chic, as this effortless look brings a touch of laid-back sophistication, perfect for the modern city dweller seeking an adaptable style.

Busan Beach Waves: Low Skin Fade With Surfer-style Loose Waves

busan beach waves low skin fade with surfer style loose waves

Emulating the effortless vibe of beachgoers, this style merges a snug fade at the base with liberally tousled waves atop, conjuring an air of seaside nonchalance.

Korean Frosted Tips: Mid Fade With Frosted Spiky Tips

korean frosted tips mid fade with frosted spiky tips

The Korean Frosted Tips hairstyle adds an edgy twist to your look with its striking contrast of icy tips and dark roots, perfect for those aiming to stand out with a bold statement.

Seoul SoHo: High Fade With a Soft Combover and Defined Part Line

seoul soho high fade with a soft combover and defined part line

Embrace the Seoul SoHo’s sleek elegance that pairs a crisp high fade with a polished combover, sharply divided by a distinct part line—a nod to metropolitan sophistication.

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