15 Burst Fade Textured Mullet Styles to Inspire Your Next Haircut

Discover how a burst fade can add a modern twist to the classic mullet, giving you a stylish edge with added texture and flair.

Disconnected Burst Fade With a Curly Textured Mullet

disconnected burst fade with a curly textured mullet

This style marries the sharp contrast of a burst fade at the sides with the voluminous cascade of curls on top, creating an eye-catching silhouette that’s both edgy and expressive.

Skin Burst Fade Blending Into a Wavy, Tousled Mullet

skin burst fade blending into a wavy tousled mullet

This style artfully merges a sharp fade at the sides with a cascading wave on top for a playful contrast that oozes cool.

Asymmetrical Burst Fade With a Spiky Textured Mullet

asymmetrical burst fade with a spiky textured mullet

Embrace a bold statement with this asymmetrical cut that merges a sharp burst fade on one side, gradually softening around the head, leading to spikes that add a defiant texture atop the classic mullet flow.

High Burst Fade With a Slicked-back, Textured Mullet Top

high burst fade with a slicked back textured mullet top

The high burst fade makes a bold statement by smoothly ascending to a voluminous, slicked-back crown, offering a polished contrast to the wild spirit of a classic mullet.

Low Burst Fade With a Messy, Bed-head Style Mullet

low burst fade with a messy bed head style mullet

This variation marries the casual allure of a tousled, just-rolled-out-of-bed look with the crisp edginess of a low burst fade.

Mid Burst Fade to a Straight, Choppy-textured Mullet

mid burst fade to a straight choppy textured mullet

The mid burst fade transitions seamlessly into the straight, choppy layers of the mullet, offering a modern twist on a classic style.

Burst Fade With a Micro-fringe and a Textured Mullet

burst fade with a micro fringe and a textured mullet

Combining a burst fade with a micro-fringe presents a bold contrast, adding a layer of edginess to the textured mullet that’s brimming with personality.

Burst Fade With a Two-tone Color Textured Mullet

burst fade with a two tone color textured mullet

Incorporating a burst fade, this look creates a striking contrast with dual-hued layers that add depth and dynamism to the classic mullet’s flow.

Tight Burst Fade With a Long, Layered Textured Mullet

tight burst fade with a long layered textured mullet

This style marries precision with volume, featuring a sharp fade at the sides that ascends to a cascading, textured waterfall of layers in the back.

Burst Fade With a Thick, Brushed-up Mullet Crown

burst fade with a thick brushed up mullet crown

This style amplifies volume, as the thick top is brushed skyward to command attention while seamlessly transitioning into the smooth contours of a burst fade.

Natural Burst Fade Into a Free-flowing Curly Mullet

natural burst fade into a free flowing curly mullet

Embracing your curls, this style merges a seamless burst fade with the hair’s natural bounce and volume for a lively mullet.

Soft Burst Fade With Separated, Piecey Texture Mullet

soft burst fade with separated piecey texture mullet

The soft burst fade creates a subtle transition to a mullet adorned with piecey strands for a casually edgy look.

Burst Fade Into a Mullet With Distinct Crimped Texture

burst fade into a mullet with distinct crimped texture

Embrace an edgier aesthetic by merging a burst fade with crimped waves, giving the mullet a sharp contrast and a touch of retro flair.

Sculpted Burst Fade With a Mullet Featuring Feathered Texture

sculpted burst fade with a mullet featuring feathered texture

The sculpted burst fade foregoes conventional blending for sharp, striking contours that complement the mullet’s feathered texture, adding visual intrigue to the silhouette.

Razor-designed Burst Fade With a Sculptural, Textured Mullet

razor designed burst fade with a sculptural textured mullet

This style carves intricate lines into the fade for an artistic touch, complemented by a voluminous, chiseled mullet that turns heads.

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