15 Curly Low Burst Fade Styles to Inspire Your Next Haircut

Discover how a curly low burst fade can add flair to your look with these creative styling concepts.

Tapered Afro With Low Burst Fade

tapered afro with low burst fade

This style marries the volume and presence of an Afro with a subtle gradient at the temples that emphasizes clean lines and adds a contemporary twist.

Curly Top With Burst Fade and Sharp Lineup

curly top with burst fade and sharp lineup

A harmonious blend of precision and volume, the curly top bursts with liveliness above a sleekly faded backdrop and a strikingly crisp hairline.

Mohawk Curls With Low Skin Burst Fade

mohawk curls with low skin burst fade

Embrace a bold statement by pairing tight, defined Mohawk curls with a seamlessly blended low skin burst fade that adds dimension and edginess to the look.

Sponge Twists With Low Burst Fade

sponge twists with low burst fade

Sponge twists add depth and texture to the curls, perfectly complemented by the seamless gradient of a low burst fade.

Short Curls With Low Burst Fade and Part

short curls with low burst fade and part

Adding a hard part to the blend of short curls and low burst fade strikes a dapper balance between polished and edgy.

Faux Hawk Curls With Burst Fade

faux hawk curls with burst fade

This style elevates the faux hawk by blending tightly coiled curls on top into a skin-fade at the sides, creating a bold contrast that’s truly eye-catching.

Curly Pompadour With Low Burst Fade

curly pompadour with low burst fade

Merging classic elegance with modern edginess, the curly pompadour blooms above a subtle burst fade, offering a dynamic contrast that’s sure to turn heads.

Textured Top With Low Burst and Beard Fade

textured top with low burst and beard fade

A harmonizing duo of precision, this style fuses the edginess of a textured crop with the gradient of a low burst fade, cascading into a seamlessly integrated beard line.

Wavy Strands With Low Burst Fade

wavy strands with low burst fade

The wavy strands with low burst fade blend natural waves into a subtle gradient, providing a smooth transition to neatly cropped sides.

Drop Curls With Low Burst Fade

drop curls with low burst fade

Drop curls add a playful twist to the low burst fade, cascading naturally to soften the transition between the textured top and the faded sides.

Asymmetrical Curly Top With Low Burst Fade

asymmetrical curly top with low burst fade

The asymmetrical curly top plays with uneven lengths to add a whimsical twist, while the low burst fade grounds the style with a clean, subtle gradient around the ears.

Curly Fringe With Subtle Burst Fade

curly fringe with subtle burst fade

A subtle burst fade elevates the playful edge of a curly fringe, providing a seamless transition that softens the hairline while maintaining voluminous texture up top.

Burst Fade With Defined Curl Pattern

burst fade with defined curl pattern

Perfect for those who love definition, a burst fade that transitions smoothly into a well-defined curl pattern adds a touch of sophistication to any curly hairstyle.

Curly Burst Fade With Design Etched in

curly burst fade with design etched in

Adding a personalized etching to a curly burst fade transforms the cut into a canvas for self-expression, where hair meets art in a display of creativity.

Burst Fade With Curly Hair Sponge Effect

burst fade with curly hair sponge effect

The sponge effect utilizes a special tool to twist and sculpt natural curls, which when combined with a burst fade, creates a highly textured, dynamic appearance.

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