15 Trendy Grown Out Burst Fade Hairstyles to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover creative ways to style and refresh your grown-out burst fade for a sharp and trendy look.

Slicked Back With Pomade for a Sleek Look

slicked back with pomade for a sleek look

A slicked-back style capitalizes on the length atop a grown-out burst fade, offering a dapper and refined aesthetic. Pomade provides the necessary sheen and hold, ensuring a polished finish that lasts throughout the day. This look serves as a perfect blend of modern edginess and timeless elegance.

Textured Top With Clay for a Messy Yet Controlled Style

textured top with clay for a messy yet controlled style

Utilizing hair clay on a grown-out burst fade adds both definition and texture. The hair maintains a deliberate yet unruly appeal, making it ideal for those seeking a low-maintenance, modern edge. This style plays up the contrast between the faded sides and the longer, animated top.

Natural Curls Enhanced With Curl-defining Cream

natural curls enhanced with curl defining cream

Embracing natural textures, the curl-defining cream works to enhance the inherent pattern of your curls. This styling aid brings out the best in each coil, offering a standout contrast against the subtle lines of the grown-out burst fade. It ensures that while the fade has expanded beyond its initial sharpness, the curls remain defined and vibrant.

Side-swept Fringe for a Casual, Asymmetrical Vibe

side swept fringe for a casual asymmetrical vibe

Embrace the relaxed flair of a side-swept fringe to complement your grown-out burst fade. This look leverages the volume at the top to create an artfully tousled effect that exudes a laid-back charm. It’s a versatile choice that softens the face and adds a touch of whimsy to your overall style.

Comb Over With a Hard Part for a Classic Touch

comb over with a hard part for a classic touch

The comb over with a hard part neatly segments the hair, lending a sharp, tailored appearance that contrasts well with the faded sides. This refined style exudes a timeless elegance, modernized by the artfully grown-out burst fade. It’s ideal for those seeking a professional look that retains an edge of contemporary flair.

Brush-up Style With Volume-boosting Mousse

brush up style with volume boosting mousse

The brush-up style elevates the burst fade by adding a contemporary vertical dimension. Generous application of volume-boosting mousse imparts a full-bodied look, making it ideal for those seeking to draw attention upward and away from the neckline. This approach balances the aesthetics of a grown-out fade by focusing on intentional height and structure at the top.

Mini Mohawk to Accentuate the Fade’s Contrast

mini mohawk to accentuate the fades contrast

The mini mohawk sharpens the transition between the textured top and the faded sides, creating a striking visual effect. This style brings an edgy twist to the grown-out burst fade by emphasizing the contrast with its peaked center. It’s a bold statement that showcases personality while keeping the look modern and fresh.

Faux Hawk for an Edgy, Yet Grown-out Feel

faux hawk for an edgy yet grown out feel

The faux hawk harnesses the transition between lengths in a burst fade, adding an avant-garde edge to the style. This look capitalizes on the volume and texture at the crown, tapering down to the faded sides with a seamless gradient. It’s a statement choice that’s rebellious yet subtle enough for various settings.

Tousled Waves With Salt Spray for a Beachy Look

tousled waves with salt spray for a beachy look

Tousled waves offer a relaxed vibe that pairs seamlessly with the textured dimensions of a grown-out burst fade. The addition of salt spray amplifies the natural wave pattern, providing a low-maintenance style that embodies a laid-back, sun-kissed essence. Ideal for those aiming to keep the hair’s length while showcasing a bit of free-spirited flair.

Man Bun or Top Knot to Gather Lengthy Strands

man bun or top knot to gather lengthy strands

Embracing the length on top, the man bun or top knot is a quintessential choice for those sporting a grown-out burst fade. This style is not only practical for managing longer strands but also adds a contemporary edge to a mature fade. It highlights the juxtaposition between the shortened sides and the voluminous hair gathered at the crown, creating a sharp, attention-grabbing aesthetic.

Spiked Up With Strong-hold Gel for a Daring Appearance

spiked up with strong hold gel for a daring appearance

Harnessing the power of a strong-hold gel transforms the grown out burst fade into a statement of boldness. The spikes add a striking contrast to the softened sides, creating a fearless, almost rebellious aesthetic. This style is perfect for those seeking to maintain an edge in their look without frequent trips to the barber.

Quiff With Light Hold Texture Powder

quiff with light hold texture powder

A quiff paired with light hold texture powder offers a subtle lift at the roots, maintaining the hair’s natural movement. This combination ensures the burst fade sides remain the focal point while the powdered top adds an airy, voluminous touch without the weight of heavier products. It strikes an ideal balance between structured style and an easy, breezy aesthetic.

Side Part With a Fade-defined Line Up

side part with a fade defined line up

The side part elevates the structure of a grown-out burst fade by adding a distinct and intentional division in the hair. A precise line up sharpens the faded areas, creating a crisp demarcation that contrasts with the fuller, natural growth. This combination offers a polished and contemporary twist on the traditional fade, keeping the overall appearance clean and sophisticated.

Messy Crop Top for an Effortless, Easy-going Aura

messy crop top for an effortless easy going aura

The messy crop top harnesses the grown-out burst fade’s added length, giving it an artfully disheveled touch. This choice communicates a laid-back confidence, perfect for someone who wants a low-maintenance yet stylish look. It adapts to various hair types, creating a personalized appearance that appears effortlessly cool.

Undercut With a Longer Top for a Modern Twist

undercut with a longer top for a modern twist

The juxtaposition of a trimmed undercut with an elongated top section introduces a dynamic contrast that’s undeniably contemporary. Maintaining length on top affords the flexibility to experiment with textures and styling directions. This variation enables a seamless transition from a professional daytime look to an edgier evening style with minimal effort.

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