15 Number 4 Buzz Cut Styles: Inspiration and Trends for Your Next Haircut

Discover a variety of creative twists on the classic number four buzz cut, perfect for anyone looking to refresh their look with a simple yet stylish haircut.

Incorporate a Sharp Fade From the Sides to the Nape

incorporate a sharp fade from the sides to the nape

A sharp fade adds a sleek transition that connects the distinct length of a number 4 buzz with the shorter hair at your neck, yielding a polished contour.

Add a Hard Part Line for a Modern Twist

add a hard part line for a modern twist

Incorporating a hard part amplifies the classic buzz cut, giving it a precise edge that exudes contemporary sophistication.

Blend Into a Beard for a Sleek Look

blend into a beard for a sleek look

Marrying a uniform buzz cut with a well-groomed beard offers a smooth gradient that magnifies the jawline’s sharpness.

Style With a Textured Top for Contrast

style with a textured top for contrast

Enhancing the buzz cut’s classic form, a textured top serves as a striking counterpoint to the uniform length, injecting a dose of sophistication and visual appeal.

Curve the Hairline for a Personalized Touch

curve the hairline for a personalized touch

A curved hairline adds a dash of individuality, shaping the forehead for a standout silhouette.

Integrate a Geometric Design On the Sides

integrate a geometric design on the sides

Carving a geometric pattern adds a daring edge that elevates a simple buzz to an artistic statement.

Experiment With a Faux Hawk By Buzzing Sides Closer

experiment with a faux hawk by buzzing sides closer

By taking the clippers closer on the sides, you elevate the faux hawk’s drama, creating a striking contrast that draws attention to the crest.

Create a Subtle Pompadour By Leaving Extra Length On Top

create a subtle pompadour by leaving extra length on top

Elevating the classic buzz, this style builds volume by keeping the crown longer for a sleek, modern pompadour effect.

Dye the Top a Bold Color to Stand Out

dye the top a bold color to stand out

Inject a dash of daring into your buzz cut by coloring the upper strands in a vibrant hue, thus transforming a classic look into a head-turning statement.

Feature an Asymmetrical Side Fringe

feature an asymmetrical side fringe

An asymmetrical side fringe brings an artistic edge to the conventional buzz, breaking the symmetry for a daring style statement.

Etch a Signature Initial or Symbol On One Side

etch a signature initial or symbol on one side

Adding a personalized etching to a buzz cut, like an initial or symbol, offers a dash of individual personality to this classic haircut.

Combine With a Handlebar Mustache for Vintage Flair

combine with a handlebar mustache for vintage flair

A buzz cut paired with a well-groomed handlebar mustache channels old-school charm, highlighting a taste for retro stylings.

Sculpt a V-shaped Nape for an Edgy Rear View

sculpt a v shaped nape for an edgy rear view

Carving a V-shaped nape gives a striking and unconventional angle to the classic buzz cut, ensuring the back of your head turns heads.

Go for a Disconnected Undercut With a Longer Top

go for a disconnected undercut with a longer top

This style creates a striking contrast by pairing the clean simplicity of a buzzed underside with the voluminous versatility of longer strands above.

Opt for a Subtle Shadow Fade to Add Depth

opt for a subtle shadow fade to add depth

A subtle shadow fade transitions smoothly from a darker to a lighter tone, giving your buzz cut a multi-dimensional appearance.

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