15 Harry Styles Haircut Ideas for Stylish Inspiration

Discover fresh haircut ideas inspired by Harry Styles that can transform your look.

Textured Quiff

textured quiff

The textured quiff blends classic charm with modern flair, emphasizing volume and movement at the crown of the head.

Asymmetrical Crop

asymmetrical crop

The Asymmetrical Crop, famously worn by Harry Styles, features a bold, uneven cut that adds a touch of edgy flair to his typically charming appearance.

Voluminous Pompadour

voluminous pompadour

The voluminous pompadour flaunts a bold height and sleek sides, offering a statement look that stands out in any crowd.

Long Slicked Back

long slicked back

Ideal for exuding classic rockstar vibes, this style keeps the hair smooth and flowing, swept back for a sleek, polished look.

Mid-Length Waves

mid length waves

Mid-length waves offer a relaxed vibe, perfect for blending casual charm with a touch of elegance.

Choppy Top With Faded Sides

choppy top with faded sides

This style combines uneven, textured layers on top with smoothly tapered sides for a bold, modern look.

Shoulder-Length Layered

shoulder length layered

This style adds volume and dimension, emphasizing natural movement and effortless sway.

Tousled Top With Undercut

tousled top with undercut

This style blends carefree, wavy layers on top with a sharp, edgy undercut for a bold contrast.

Curly Shag

curly shag

A curly shag offers a playful, low-maintenance look that enhances natural curls with layered cuts for added volume and movement.

Bowl Cut

bowl cut

The bowl cut, a daring blast from the past, frames the face with its distinctive, even length all around.

Bleached Buzz Cut

bleached buzz cut

The bleached buzz cut offers a bold, edgy look by pairing closely cropped hair with a striking white or platinum blonde color.

Side-Parted Gentle Waves

side parted gentle waves

This style offers a classic aesthetic with waves that softly cascade down one side, creating an effortlessly chic look.

High-Top Fade

high top fade

The high-top fade combines nostalgic flair with modern sharpness, adding striking height and structured edges to the hairstyle.

Modern Mullet

modern mullet

Harry Styles’ modern mullet blends retro flair with contemporary edge, featuring shorter sides and a longer, textured back for a playful yet sophisticated look.

Soft Curtain Bangs

soft curtain bangs

Soft curtain bangs frame the face with a gentle parting, adding a touch of retro flair.

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