15 Trending Usher Haircuts for Your Next Style Inspiration

Discover a cascade of fresh hairstyling inspirations drawn from the iconic looks of the singer Usher, perfect for revamping your own style.

Classic Comb Over With Side Part

classic comb over with side part

A time-honored staple, the comb-over with side part embodies sophistication, exuding an air of maturity and professional poise.

Buzz Cut With Razored Edge

buzz cut with razored edge

For a bold statement, the buzz cut with a razored edge gives a clean, sharp boundary to a classic style, elevating its overall crispness and modern appeal.

Textured Crop Top Fade

textured crop top fade

Embrace edginess with the textured crop top fade, where layered locks meet precise fades for a bold, street-smart aesthetic.

Slicked Back Undercut

slicked back undercut

A sleek rebellion against traditional styles, the slicked back undercut fuses sharp contrasts with a polished finish for a modern yet sophisticated appearance.

Faux Hawk With Taper Fade

faux hawk with taper fade

The edgy silhouette of this style blends a mohawk essence with a sleek, graduated fade for a daring yet manageable look.

Pompadour With Hard Part

pompadour with hard part

The Pompadour with Hard Part combines voluminous styling with a precision shave, offering a striking contrast and a nod to classic sophistication.

Curly Top With Skin Fade

curly top with skin fade

Embracing texture, this cut combines lively curls on top with a sharp, clean fade at the sides, offering a contrast that’s sure to turn heads.

Afro Taper Fade With Line Up

afro taper fade with line up

The Afro Taper Fade flawlessly transitions from voluminous curls at the top to a crisp, edged-up hairline, balancing panache with precision.

Quiff With Low Fade

quiff with low fade

A quiff combined with a low fade offers a polished contrast, perfectly marrying volume on top with sleek, tapered sides for a modern twist on classic charisma.

Side Swept Ivy League Cut

side swept ivy league cut

Emanating sophistication, this cut offers a polished look with its neatly trimmed sides and slightly longer, brushed-to-the-side top.

Spiky Hair With Mid Fade

spiky hair with mid fade

Amp up your style with a bold contrast—sharp spikes meet a sleek mid fade for a dynamic, edgy look.

Crew Cut With Shaved Side Design

crew cut with shaved side design

The Crew Cut with Shaved Side Design elevates the classic military-inspired style by incorporating artistic shaved details for a contemporary twist.

High Top Fade With Part

high top fade with part

Elevating stature with its vertical lines, the high top fade with a part infuses a sharp, structured look ideal for making a bold statement.

Messy Waves With Beard Blend

messy waves with beard blend

Embrace a relaxed vibe; this style exudes effortless cool, harmonizing tousled locks with a seamlessly blended beard.

Short Shag With Razor Finish

short shag with razor finish

This edgy look delivers a rebellious twist, with uneven, razor-cut layers giving your hair texture and a modern, carefree vibe.

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