15 Stylish V Burst Fade Haircuts to Transform Your Look

Discover a variety of V burst fade haircuts to add a dash of edginess to your style repertoire.

High-contrast V Burst With Razor Lines

high contrast v burst with razor lines

Embrace the drama with a high-contrast V bursting down the back, defined by precise razor lines that make a bold statement.

V Burst Fade With Asymmetrical Design

v burst fade with asymmetrical design

Captivating asymmetry takes the stage, as the V burst fade rebels against convention, offering an off-kilter edge that commands attention.

Textured Top With Subtle V Burst Fade

textured top with subtle v burst fade

A subtle V burst fade elevates the appeal of textured hair by adding a gradual yet chic dimension, striking the perfect balance between edgy and understated.

Disconnected Pompadour With Sharp V Burst

disconnected pompadour with sharp v burst

Marrying the edgy essence of a pompadour with the aggressive angles of a V-shaped fade creates a striking disconnect that captivates attention.

Curly Hair With a Natural-looking V Burst Fade

curly hair with a natural looking v burst fade

Embrace your curls by blending them effortlessly into the V-shaped burst that tapers elegantly at the nape, giving off an air of understated sophistication.

V Burst Fade With a Hard Part Line

v burst fade with a hard part line

Incorporating a hard part line accentuates the V burst fade, providing a striking juxtaposition between the smooth fade and the defined edge of the part.

V Burst Fade With Integrated Beard Design

v burst fade with integrated beard design

This style marries the precision of the fade with beard contours, achieving a seamless transition from hairline to facial hair that exudes sophistication.

Slicked Back With a Pronounced V Burst

slicked back with a pronounced v burst

Adding a defined V burst fade elevates the classic slicked-back look, producing a striking contrast that attracts attention to the sleekness of the hair on top.

V Burst Skin Fade With a Tattooed Scalp

v burst skin fade with a tattooed scalp

A V burst skin fade with a tattooed scalp pairs the edgy appeal of precision fades with the personal flair of scalp tattoos for a daring, conversation-starting hair statement.

Two-tone Hair Color With a V Burst Fade

two tone hair color with a v burst fade

A two-tone hair color adds a dynamic twist to the V burst fade, creating a striking contrast that makes the signature ‘V’ stand out even more.

V Burst Fade With a Freestyle Graphic Line

v burst fade with a freestyle graphic line

Adding a spontaneous graphic line amplifies the drama of the V burst fade, creating a personalized edge that turns heads.

Faux Hawk Into a Detailed V Burst Fade

faux hawk into a detailed v burst fade

Combining the edgy appeal of a faux hawk with the precision of a V burst fade creates an eye-catching contrast that amplifies the wearer’s daring style.

V Burst Fade With a Mohawk

v burst fade with a mohawk

Melding rebellious spirit with precision, this style marries a distinctive Mohawk atop a V-shaped fade, creating a bold statement that defies the norm.

V Burst With Side-swept Fringe

v burst with side swept fringe

This style marries the edginess of the V burst fade with the softness of side-swept bangs for a dynamic contrast.

Multi-level V Burst Fade With 3D Effect

multi level v burst fade with 3d effect

Injecting depth into the traditional fade, the multi-level V burst creates an optical illusion, adding a dynamic, sculptural twist to your hairstyle.

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