15 Burst Fade Haircut Ideas for Larger Men

Discover how a burst fade can flatter a fuller figure by providing a modern, sharp look that frames the face and enhances style.

Classic Burst Fade: Tapered Sides With Volume On Top for Balance

classic burst fade tapered sides with volume on top for balance

The classic burst fade carves out a sleek silhouette, adding height and shape to the hair’s natural volume, creating an alluring balance to a broader face shape.

Mohawk Burst Fade: Mohawk Merged With Burst Fade Sides

mohawk burst fade mohawk merged with burst fade sides

The Mohawk Burst Fade carves out a bold statement, fusing the rebellious spirit of a Mohawk with the sleek, tapering effect of burst fade sides for a standout silhouette.

Curly Top Burst Fade: Embrace Natural Curls With Faded Sides

curly top burst fade embrace natural curls with faded sides

The Curly Top Burst Fade allows voluminous curls to take center stage while the gradient on the sides offers a polished finish.

Textured Pompadour Burst Fade: Texturized Volume With a Burst Fade

textured pompadour burst fade texturized volume with a burst fade

A textured pompadour burst fade breathes new life into a classic style by adding volume and texture on top, fading into a burst around the ears to sleekly contour the face.

Burst Fade With Beard: Seamless Blend Into a Full Beard

burst fade with beard seamless blend into a full beard

A burst fade progression merges effortlessly into the facial hair, framing the face with a groomed, dynamic appearance.

Side-Swept Burst Fade: Long Top Swept to the Side, Fading Into a Burst

side swept burst fade long top swept to the side fading into a burst

The Side-Swept Burst Fade offers a harmonious blend of fullness on top with a dynamic fade around the ears, creating a slimming effect that accentuates the face.

Faux Hawk Burst Fade: A Burst Fade That Supports a Faux Hawk

faux hawk burst fade a burst fade that supports a faux hawk

The Faux Hawk Burst Fade offers a bold juxtaposition, marrying the edginess of a faux hawk with the subtlety of tapered sides.

Afro Burst Fade: Natural Afro With Clean Burst Fade Around the Ears

afro burst fade natural afro with clean burst fade around the ears

The Afro Burst Fade accentuates the hair’s natural texture while featuring a smooth gradient around the ears, providing a neat yet bold contrast.

Slicked Back Burst Fade: Slick Top With Burst Fade for a Sharp Look

slicked back burst fade slick top with burst fade for a sharp look

The slicked-back style offers a neat contrast to the burst fade, presenting a polished and distinguished appearance ideal for adding a touch of sophistication to any look.

Wavy Hair Burst Fade: Work With Natural Waves, Enhancing With Burst Fade

wavy hair burst fade work with natural waves enhancing with burst fade

Harnessing the charm of organic waves, a burst fade smartly transitions from dense to light, providing a sleek frame to the face.

Burst Fade Mullet: Business in the Front, Party in the Back, With a Burst Fade

burst fade mullet business in the front party in the back with a burst fade

The burst fade mullet modernizes the retro cut, blending tight fades around the ears with the iconic longer back for a fresh twist on a classic style.

Burst Fade With Design: Add Unique Shaved Designs in the Burst Fade Area

burst fade with design add unique shaved designs in the burst fade area

Incorporating shaved art enhances the burst fade by adding a personal touch that stands out on fuller silhouettes.

Buzz Cut Burst Fade: Super Short Buzz Cut With a Distinctive Burst Fade

buzz cut burst fade super short buzz cut with a distinctive burst fade

The buzz cut burst fade offers a low-maintenance yet striking contrast, pairing a sleek, uniform top with artfully tapered sides to flatter a fuller face.

Asymmetrical Burst Fade: Unique Asymmetrical Style With a Burst Fade Effect

asymmetrical burst fade unique asymmetrical style with a burst fade effect

Embrace the unexpected with an asymmetrical burst fade that plays with uneven lengths for a statement look that defies the ordinary.

Burst Fade With Hard Part: Defined Part Line With Burst Fade for Contrast

burst fade with hard part defined part line with burst fade for contrast

A hard part adds precision to the dynamic burst fade, creating an eye-catching contrast that frames the face and enhances the overall structure.

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