15 Men’s Burst Fade Hairstyles to Refresh Your Look

Discover striking and modern burst fade haircut ideas for men that will elevate your style game.

Burst Fade With Textured Top

burst fade with textured top

Adding texture on top breathes life into the burst fade, giving your hair dimension and an edge of sophistication.

Curly Top Burst Fade

curly top burst fade

Embrace natural curls by allowing them to reign freely atop a suave, gradient shave that adds a dash of sharpness to the silhouette.

Mohawk Burst Fade

mohawk burst fade

The Mohawk Burst Fade combines the audacity of a Mohawk with the smooth transition of a fade, lending a bold statement look that grabs attention.

Pompadour With Burst Fade

pompadour with burst fade

Combining the volume of a pompadour with a burst fade gives a classic hairstyle a modern, edgy twist.

Afro Burst Fade

afro burst fade

Embracing the volume, the Afro burst fade elevates natural texture by tapering down the sides for a sleek yet striking contrast.

Burst Fade With Hard Part

burst fade with hard part

A hard part adds a sleek, sharp division to the burst fade, creating a polished contrast that commands attention.

Slicked Back Burst Fade

slicked back burst fade

Marrying the timeless appeal of slicked-back hair with the edgy burst fade creates a contrast that’s both sharp and sophisticated.

Faux Hawk Burst Fade

faux hawk burst fade

This style merges the audacity of a faux hawk with the subtlety of the burst fade, offering a striking contrast that oozes modern edge.

Burst Fade With Design Lines

burst fade with design lines

Incorporating design lines into a burst fade adds a personalized touch, showcasing creativity and edginess through shaved patterns that make a bold statement.

Comb Over Burst Fade

comb over burst fade

Marrying classic refinement with edgy gradients, the comb over variation pairs well-structured top hair with seamlessly tapered sides for a polished yet bold statement.

Spiky Top Burst Fade

spiky top burst fade

Elevate your edge with the spiky top burst fade, a bold fusion of pinpoint sharp spikes tapering into a smooth gradient at the sides.

Burst Fade With Beard Blend

burst fade with beard blend

Marrying the edginess of the burst fade with the ruggedness of a full beard creates a seamless transition that accentuates strong jawlines and adds a touch of sophistication.

Frohawk Burst Fade

frohawk burst fade

The Frohawk Burst Fade marries the audacity of a Mohawk with the subtle graduation of a fade, tapering around the ear to accentuate the volume and shape of natural curls.

Burst Fade With Side Sweep

burst fade with side sweep

Pair the burst fade’s semicircular allure around the ears with a suave side sweep to infuse a touch of classic sophistication.

Wavy Top Burst Fade

wavy top burst fade

Embracing natural waves, this fade creates a seamless transition from textured volume to sharp contours around the ear and neck.

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