15 Trendy Morgan Wallen Hair Ideas for a Fresh Look

Discover fresh hairstyle inspiration drawn from country music sensation Morgan Wallen’s signature look.

Modern Mullet With Faded Sides

modern mullet with faded sides

The modern mullet blends a throwback vibe with contemporary edge, featuring closely shaved sides that transition into a fuller, tousled party at the back.

Long Textured Waves With an Undercut

long textured waves with an undercut

This style elevates the classic undercut by adding a layer of sophistication with its billowing waves, offering a contrast that captures a rebellious yet polished look.

Slicked-back Top With a Tapered Fade

slicked back top with a tapered fade

The juxtaposition of sleekness against the gradient of a taper gives this style a polished edge with a contemporary twist.

Shaggy Layers With a Middle Part

shaggy layers with a middle part

This style showcases a carefree and laid-back vibe, with the middle part providing a symmetrical framework for the tousled layers to fall effortlessly.

Curly Top Mullet With Crisp Line-up

curly top mullet with crisp line up

This style marries the volume and bounce of curls on top with the sharp precision of a fresh line-up around the edges, creating a dynamic contrast that’s at once playful and polished.

Asymmetrical Fringe With a Side Fade

asymmetrical fringe with a side fade

This edgy style combines angular bangs with a graduated side shave for a bold statement.

Disconnected Pompadour Mullet

disconnected pompadour mullet

The disconnected pompadour mullet combines vintage flair and edgy modernity — it’s a bold statement that blends a voluminous, swept-back front with a stark, short-to-long transition at the sides.

Chest-length With Subtle Face-framing Layers

chest length with subtle face framing layers

This style drapes gracefully over the shoulders, offering a casual yet polished look, with layers that soften the jawline and accentuate the cheekbones.

Bleached Tips With a Natural Base

bleached tips with a natural base

This hairstyle offers a splash of rebellion, marrying sun-kissed highlights with your hair’s authentic hue for a look that’s both laid-back and daring.

Razor-cut Mullet With a Hard Part

This style marries edginess and precision, featuring a sharply defined part that separates the textured, razor-cut top from the shorter sides.

Brushed Back Waves With a Bald Fade

brushed back waves with a bald fade

This particular style combines a suave aesthetic with a sharp contrast, featuring smoothly swept-back waves atop a sleek, skin-close shave on the sides.

Voluminous Curls With an Undercut Design

voluminous curls with an undercut design

Incorporating a striking undercut beneath bouncy, full curls adds a sharp contrast and edgy flair to a classically soft hairstyle.

Straight Flow-back With a Skin Fade

straight flow back with a skin fade

This style marries the sleekness of straight hair slicked back with the clean precision of a skin fade for a sharp, contemporary edge.

Messy Bun With Faded Sides

messy bun with faded sides

Effortlessly blending nonchalance and polish, this style elevates the traditional bun with sleek, tapered sides for a contemporary edge.

Short Spiky Top With a Mid-fade Mullet

short spiky top with a mid fade mullet

This style melds the rebellious essence of a mullet with a contemporary spikey crown, all seamlessly blended into a sharp mid-fade.

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