15 Trending Temple Fade Haircut Ideas to Refresh Your Look

Discover a variety of temple fade haircuts that can refresh your look and complement your style.

Classic Temple Fade With Textured Top

classic temple fade with textured top

A polished blend of sharp lines around the temples, paired with a dynamic, textured top gives this style its timeless appeal.

High Temple Fade With Slick Back

high temple fade with slick back

Elevating the classic slick back, this style introduces a sharp contrast with its higher fade, drawing the eye up and accentuating the slicked-back locks.

Curly Top With Mid Temple Fade

curly top with mid temple fade

A mid temple fade adds a clean-cut edge to voluminous curls, offering a harmonious balance of structure and dynamism atop your head.

Pompadour With Skin Temple Fade

pompadour with skin temple fade

Adding a skin temple fade to a pompadour creates a sharp contrast, exaggerating the volume and style of the classic ‘pomp‘.

Afro With Low Temple Fade

afro with low temple fade

Blending a low temple fade into a bold afro creates a sleek, modern look that emphasizes natural volume while providing a clean, defined hairline.

Temple Fade With Hard Part

temple fade with hard part

Adding a hard part to a temple fade sharply defines the separation between the faded sides and the longer hair on top, creating a clean, modern edge to the style.

Combover With Razor Line Temple Fade

combover with razor line temple fade

This style infuses a sleek combover with a razor-sharp line to accentuate the temple fade’s crisp boundaries.

Temple Fade With Design Etching

temple fade with design etching

Inject a dash of artistry into your look with precision-carved designs that elevate the temple fade into a show-stopping canvas for creativity.

Mohawk With Temple and Nape Fade

mohawk with temple and nape fade

Marrying edginess with polish, this style creates a striking contrast by blending a fierce mohawk with smoothly faded temples and nape for a look that commands attention.

Buzz Cut With Temple Fade Shadow

buzz cut with temple fade shadow

A buzz cut with temple fade shadow merges the simplicity of a uniform length on top with a subtle gradient at the temples, giving a modern twist to a timeless look.

Faux Hawk With Temple Taper Fade

faux hawk with temple taper fade

Integrating the edginess of a faux hawk with a temple taper fade yields a dynamic contrast – it’s spiky allure softened just enough by the subtle gradient on the sides.

Side Part With Temple Fade Waves

side part with temple fade waves

Embrace a retro vibe with a modern twist as the classic side part converges with the dynamic visual rhythm of wave-patterned hair, all brought together by the clean lines of a temple fade.

Temple Fade With Asymmetrical Top

temple fade with asymmetrical top

Embracing asymmetry, this style contrasts the clean lines of the fade with a more playful, uneven top, for a look that captures a blend of precision and edgy nonconformity.

Temple Fade With Beard Connection

temple fade with beard connection

Blending the temple fade seamlessly with facial hair hones a dapper and unified look, marrying the crispness of the cut with the rugged charm of a beard.

Layered Top With Temple and Scissor Fade

layered top with temple and scissor fade

The layered top paired with a temple and scissor fade blends voluminous texture with a sleek gradient, offering a dynamic twist on the classic cut.

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