15 Different Fades: Styling Ideas for a Fresh Look

Discover a variety of fade haircut styles that can elevate your look with a modern twist.

Burst Fade

burst fade

Emphasizing volume and shape around the ears, the burst fade offers a semicircular fade that complements an array of hairstyles, from mohawks to afros.

Drop Fade

drop fade

The drop fade curves around the ear and drops lower behind, adding a sleek arc that flatters the head’s natural shape.

Taper Fade

taper fade

The taper fade graduates hair length seamlessly from longer at the top to shorter at the sides, offering a classic, clean-cut look that’s versatile for various hair types and styles.

Bald Fade or Skin Fade

bald fade or skin fade

A bald fade blends the hair down to bare skin, offering a crisp, high-contrast look often paired with a striking style up top.

High Top Fade

high top fade

Elevating the crown with a vertical rise, the high top fade nostalgically nods to the ’90s, merging retro cool with modern edge.

Temple Fade or Temp Fade

temple fade or temp fade

The temp fade boasts a sleek transition that accentuates hairlines, giving a sharp, contemporary edge to your look.

Mohawk Fade

mohawk fade

Blending rebellious vibes with sleek sophistication, the Mohawk fade combines shorn sides with a strip of longer hair on top for a striking contrast.

Pompadour Fade

pompadour fade

A pompadour fade offers a slick combination of volume and sleekness, blending tight sides with a dramatic, swept-back top.

Undercut Fade

undercut fade

The undercut fade combines the daring disconnect of a traditional undercut with a gradual blending on the sides for a sharp yet sleek transition.

Scissor Fade

scissor fade

The scissor fade combines precision shears work with a gradual transition, typically a softer and more subtle alternative to clipper-heavy fades.

Low Fade

low fade

The low fade keeps it cool and discreet with a subtle transition, hugging the nape and ears and blending into longer top hair.

Mid Fade

mid fade

A mid fade strikes a harmonious balance, beginning halfway between the top and bottom of the head for a versatile and polished look.

V-shaped Fade

v shaped fade

The V-shaped fade cuts a striking figure by contouring the neckline into a sharp, edgy point, offering a bold and modern twist on traditional fade styles.

Faux Hawk Fade

faux hawk fade

The faux hawk fade combines tapered sides with a gripping central ridge of hair, offering an edgy yet versatile hairstyle that commands attention.

Razor Fade

razor fade

The razor fade brings a sharp transition to the hairline by utilizing a straight razor for an edgy, polished look.

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