15 Asian Mullets Styles to Inspire Your Next Hair Makeover

Discover a range of Asian mullet styles that can add flair to your hair and showcase your personality.

Classic Korean Mullet With Bangs

This style boasts a harmonious blend, where the front bangs softly frame the face while the back is trimmed short for an airy feel. The bangs add a youthful touch, bringing an effortless chic to the overall look. Perfect for those aiming for a symphony of modern edge and traditional charm.

Textured Japanese Mullet With Highlights

The contrast of sun-kissed highlights adds depth and dimension to the layered textures, bringing a dynamic edge to the overall look. Perfect for those with a zest for life, the style exudes a lively persona that’s both fashion-forward and approachable. Its versatility shines through in how effortlessly it transitions from a day at the office to a night out on the town.

Soft Layered Asian Mullet With Side Part

Adding soft layers introduces effortless movement, creating a relaxed silhouette while preserving the mullet’s distinctive personality. A side part works wonders to frame the face, offering a touch of elegance to this otherwise edgy style. This variation is an impeccable choice for those who flirt with subtlety yet still wish to make a statement with their hair.

Blunt Chinese Mullet With Micro Bangs

The sharp edges of the blunt cut contrast with delicate micro bangs for a daring, yet sophisticated look. This style marries traditional simplicity and modern edge, embodying a fusion of cultural motifs in hair fashion. Ideal for those wanting to make a statement, it frames the face boldly and adds a punch of personality.

Long Front, Short Back Asian Mullet

This modern twist on the classic mullet embraces a dramatic contrast, featuring an extended front that cascades past the jawline, while the back remains cropped and concise. The juxtaposition of lengths creates a striking silhouette that’s bold yet surprisingly versatile, complementing various face shapes and personal styles. It marries the audacity of traditional mullets with a fresh, contemporary edge, making it a statement piece for those daring to stand out.

Wispy Mullet With Curtain Bangs

This style softens the face with feather-light layers that cascade gracefully, complementing the iconic mullet shape. Feathered curtain bangs frame the eyes, adding a whimsical touch that’s both retro and on-trend. A fusion of texture and length, the look offers a playful twist on the traditional mullet, perfect for those wanting a touch of softness in their edgy cut.

Choppy Thai Mullet With Fade Sides

This style fuses the rebellious spirit of a classic mullet with the clean precision of a fade. The choppy layers add a rugged texture that contrasts sharply with the sleekly faded sides, injecting a modern twist. It’s a bold statement that remains versatile, complementing a range of personal styles and occasions.

K-Pop Idol Sleek Mullet

This style embodies the quintessential fusion of modern edge and smooth lines, mirroring the polished aesthetic of K-pop stars. A glossy finish and detailed layering create a silhouette that’s harmonious with both casual and stage-ready looks. Subtle yet statement-making, it’s a haircut that conveys the dynamism and flair typical of pop icons.

Messy-Top Vietnamese Mullet With Undercut

This style exudes a carefree vibe with its deliberately disheveled top, perfect for an individual with a spirited persona. The undercut brings a sharp contrast, offering a neat, clean look around the sides which balances the tousled volume above. It’s a striking blend, combining elements of traditional Vietnamese hair aesthetics with a bold, modern edge.

Spiky Modern Mullet With Shaved Designs

This style elevates the traditional mullet with an edgy twist, featuring spiked hair on top that adds a rebellious vibe. Shaved designs on the sides serve as a canvas for personal expression, ranging from geometric patterns to intricate artistry. The contrast between the textured spikes and the clean shave creates a dynamic aesthetic that’s both eye-catching and fashion-forward.

Bowl-Cut Inspired Mullet With Baby Bangs

This style melds the simplicity of a bowl cut with the edge of a mullet, marked by a harmonious blend at the crown deescalating into distinct layers. The baby bangs add a playful touch to the face, framing it with a modern twist on youthful trends from the past. It’s a head-turning statement look that’s both nostalgic and fashion-forward.

Edgy Asian Mullet With Voluminous Top

This hairstyle amplifies boldness with its exaggerated volume on top, setting a dynamic stage for the classic mullet silhouette. Razor-sharp lines give the cut a modern twist, marrying retro roots with contemporary sleekness. The look captures attention and conveys unapologetic confidence, perfect for making a punchy statement.

Retro 80s Asian Mullet With Tail

Channel the nostalgia of the 80s with a voluminous crown that cascades into a distinct tail at the nape. This look fuses throwback vibes with contemporary edge, perfect for those wanting to make a bold statement. Accentuate the style with a pop of color or perm for added flair.

Asymmetrical Mullet With Razor Finish

An asymmetrical mullet adds a dash of rebellious flair, featuring uneven lengths that defy convention. Razor-cut ends bring a sharp, edgy texture that exudes modernity and style sophistication. This haircut serves as a statement piece, harmonizing boldness with a playful twist on traditional shapes.

Punk-Inspired Mullet With Bold Streaks

Injecting a dose of rebellion, the punk-inspired mullet stands out with its striking color streaks. This style’s contrast of textures and vibrant hues commands attention in any crowd. It embodies a fearless fashion statement, ideal for those eager to express individuality through their locks.

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